1. You

    Date: 12/9/2016, Categories: Love Poems, Author: Megis, Rating: 10, Source: LushStories

    You hurt me with your lies Telling me I was the only one Little did I know you had someone I was the fool Believing your lies Trying to take away your pain When you left I was hurt Thinking life Would never be the same without you Finding out that is not true Even through the hurt and the tears I found out life goes on So while you are with her And I am with him Thinking of each other Knowing we could never be a couple It works for us Just one taste and a look We are back to where we started Going through the lies and pain again Being friends is the hardest part I don't want to hear about you sleeping with other women Just like you don't want to hear about me sleeping with other men Just one day maybe we can get through the pain And be lovers again But for now friends is all we will ever be