1. iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

    Date: 11/10/2015, Categories: Celebrities, First Time, Group Sex, Author: bobcox69, Rating: 100, Source: xHamster

    herself off Carly's mouth, her hips jerking as she came. "Pull out and fuck her with your fingers," Sam demanded of her boyfriend and lover, moving as quickly as she can on weak legs and placing her mouth on Carly's clit. "Oh, fuck!" Carly moaned out loud, her body tensing as she came again, indeed squirting. "Damn, too bad you don't squirt," Freddie joked, using Carly's cum as lube on is cock, slowly jerking it to the sight of his girlfriend eating out their friend, and new lover. "Shut up, or you'll never get laid again," Sam warned him, getting the joke, rubbing her thumb on Carly's clit as Carly started to calm down from her orgasm. "I want to suck him again," Carly said, losing all of her inhibitions. "So do I," Sam said, sounding defensive. "Share," Freddie said, looking at the two girls. "Take turns," he added, pulling the skin back, sticking the head of his cock in Sam's face. "Works for me," Carly said, surprising both Sam and Freddie, by cautiously pulling herself up and sitting on her knees in front of Freddie, starting to suck him off with vigour. "Holy fuck, she's good at this," Freddie said, his hands holding her head as she sucked his member. "Hey!" Sam said, a little jealous, grabbing Carly's hair and pulling the brunette girl back. ...
    "That's my man meat you’re shoving in your mouth," She said, using her oral skill on Freddie. "But I want it," Carly pouted, pulling Sam's hair, to start sucking Freddie again. "I'm close," Freddie warned after a few minutes of the girls taking turns sucking him off. "Fine," Sam said, pulling Carly into a kiss, their tongues flicking back on forth on each other and twisting her head so Freddie can aim at both of their mouths. "Fuck," Freddie grunted as his cock started flinging his cum on both girls' faces. "So, what does that make us?" Carly asked a few minutes later after she and Sam wiped Freddie's cum off their faces. "Well, Freddie and I are still a couple," Sam said, grabbing Carly's and Freddie's hands, guiding them to the second floor bathroom to shower together. "But in private, like now, the three of us can act all coupley, or whatever," she said, starting the shower. "Oh, Benson, go grab our clothes. Carly and I will wait," she ordered, stepping in as the water warmed up. A couple of minutes later, Freddie returned, arms full of their clothes. "You said you'd wait," he said, watching as Sam and Carly make out and play with each other's bodies. "Sorry," both Carly and Sam said in unison with a smile on their faces, not really meaning it at all.