1. Neuro submission transmitter 7

    Date: 11/21/2015, Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Taboo, Author: vtevte, Rating: 100, Source: xHamster

    hips, I pull her sweet, round cheeks back against me, as I thrust forward. Nicole is really into it now, pushing back against my cock on every downward stroke, sucking my cock deeper into her narrow channel. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Nicole shouts, pushing back harder against my cock and rocking against her mother's hands. "I'm fucking cumming!" Nicole shouts, as her body convulses in quick little shakes. Her asshole quivers around my cock, as her orgasm ripples through her, flooding her pussy. "Cum with her, Nick!" Maggie says. "Fill her ass with your thick, hot cum!" She says, while reaching between Nicole's legs and cupping my balls. I jump at the unexpected stimulation, as she squeezes and caresses my balls, and I start spurting cum inside Nicole's stretched out asshole. Bucking against her firm ass cheeks, I unload my balls, into her, as she continues to revel in the after shocks of her orgasm. I pull my spent cock from her ass and collapse on the bed beside her. Maggie is holding her daughter, rocking her against her chest. "You did good, sweetie." Maggie is telling Nicole, as she holds her in a tight embrace and rocks back and forth. "That was great for your first time." "How was it, Nick?" Nicole asks, turning ...
    towards me with a questioning look on her face. "Unbelievable!" I say, because I still can't believe what Maggie just did to her daughter. I'm no prude, but I don't think I would have used the trigger like that. I have really mixed feelings about what we just did to Nicole. "I'm really going to leave you two alone, now." Maggie says, kissing us both and getting off the bed. "Don't get up." She laughs. "I'll see you both tomorrow." I hold Nicole tightly, as I listen for the front door to close. "I think I need another shower." Nicole says, softly. "There's stuff running out of my butt." I laugh, and agree that a shower is a good idea. We go into the bathroom and I adjust the water temperature, while Nicole uses the toilet. "I keep feeling like I have to shit, but I think it's just from having your cum inside me." She shrugs, smiling at me. We take a hot shower, lovingly lathering each other's bodies, but I feel so fucking guilty about using the trigger to fuck Nicole's ass, that I don't really enjoy it. Nicole doesn't seem to notice my preoccupation and we dry each other off before snuggling under the covers. Our exhaustive day of sex finally catches up with us and we fall asl**p instantly, with me spooned against Nicole's back.