1. The Spa Resort

    Date: 1/7/2016, Categories: Anal, BDSM, First Time, Author: shellynhubby, Rating: 91, Source: xHamster

    we of course will concentrate on Sally's ass next......" Sally wimpered under her breath. Goon withdrew his now erect cock from the pump and the Mistress once again tied off his balls and cock. Goon dutifully hovered over Sally's ass held high in the air, then positioned his heavily lubricated cock at her anal entrance. As Shelly was being wheeled down the hallway with the Head Master's replica dildo embedded in her pussy, Shelly heard a loud cry come from behind a door as she was passing. It was a voice that sounded familar to her. And it was, for on the other side of the door Goon's cock entered Sally's ass from behind and stretched opened her virgin anal tunnel. She also heard a female's voice exclaiming over Sally's cries "Well done, Goon! You penetrated her all the way to your balls....you may cum inside her when you are ready." Dr. Vicki looked at Shelly and said, "I think your friend is in there.......with Goon". More cries and gasps were heard, as each penetration fell inside her. Finally, a loud male cry was heard. Goon released his load deep inside Sally's ass, holding his cock firmly inside her. When he withdrew, white thick cum poured from Sally's gapped open ass as she collapsed from exhaustion onto her restraints. Her body ...
    glistening wet from her perspiration and oil that had been liberally applied over her body. "Well done again, Goon" the Mistress's voice was overheard saying. Give yourself a minute then let's introduce Sally's mouth and her throat to your cock. I would like to see you made hard again, but without the pump, please". With that, Goon's heavily cum glistening cock dangled heavily between his legs. He looked up, and approached Sally's face. She looked up at the cock that was now dandling before her mouth, and her mouth fell open. "Good, she's learning quickly isn't she Goon" the Mistress calmly stated. "They always do at this point. She is well on her way to becoming a wonderful housewife slut for one of our male model friends....." With Mistress's nod, Goon grabbed Sally's head and fed his enormous tool into her mouth. Sally choked and gagged but was soon working her head and back and forth, just how Shelly had described to her the blowjobs she had performed on many of her dates. A few minutes later, another male cry was heard as Goon flooded Sally's throat and mouth with cum...."Don't loose a drop my dear Sally, not one drop....." the Mistress commanded. Sally gulped and choked down his massive load of cum - the first time she had ever even tasted cum.