1. Persuading Shy Mom to Pose fantacy story

    Date: 4/12/2016, Categories: Taboo, Author: Lovingpantys, Rating: 51, Source: xHamster

    into her wet pussy and held the there.. 'DAN!!' she shouted, 'That isn't what we said we would take a picture of.' but she made no effort to move and she kept her arse cheeks spread for me. 'Sorry Mom, I was just taking pics of what I thought would look good' as I spoke I was very slightly pressing her g-spot and fucking my fingers in and out slowly. I snapped a few shaky pics. Pulling my fingers out of the soaking hole, I heard her moan a little. 'Do you think we could do something like the blowjob pics again, but this time I'm going down on you??... Just pretend, not for real. I was already putting the camera in a good vantage point for see it, and putting it on automatic when she said 'OK... it is just pretend for the pictures I guess.'