1. fucking the waitress.

    Date: 7/10/2016, Categories: Hardcore, Author: sweetgirlsimone, Rating: 100, Source: xHamster

    Ever since my divorce, I'd gone a bit crazy enjoying all the things I missed during my long, long, very long marriage. During my marriage, I'd developed a taste for good whiskey and young chicks. I longed to stuff my thick cock in a tight little teen with daddy issues and as soon as the papers were signed, I set out to do just that. Unfortunately, there's not as many dick hungry teens as I'd hoped there'd be so I often settled for girls considerably younger which wasn't hard to do being that I was nearly 50. The first girl I fucked after my divorce was a tall, thick, curvy beautiful slut with huge titties that bounced heavily when I pounded her. I'd met her at the local Applebees one night when a buddy took me out for drinks to celebrate my divorce. She was our waitress working part-time while she got her graduate degree in English or Theater or some such liberal bullshit. We convinced her to start taking shots with us just before she got off work and within two-hours she was back at my place with her top off, rubbing her big boobs up and down my shaft while she sucked my tip. "You wanna fuck me, Daddy?" she asked sweetly "Fuck yeah" I slurred, too d***k and horny to enunciate, "I'm gonna fuck that tight pussy hard." She moaned on my cock and eased it down her throat. "fuck yes, you dirty slut. Deep throat that dick." I eased my hips forward, aiding in her quest and she grinned around my shaft. It was amazing. My wife would've never ever done anything like that. I put ...
    my hand lightly on the back of her head and pushed down slightly. She responded by going down further and moaning. I let her head up and then pushed her back down after she caught a quick breath. "fuck" was all I could respond with. My cock was harder than it'd been in years. She was almost to the base this time and I held her head down. when she was ready, I let her up and let out a horny sigh. "Fuck, you're good." "I can get it all the way in," she bragged and grinned. "Well, get to it," I pushed her head down again, "I'm gonna fuck your fucking face, you dirty bitch." She gobbled my cock eagerly and I pushed my cock down her throat until her lips were at the base of my shaft. I began thrusting my hips, making my cock move slightly in and out of her warm mouth. It was incredible. I took a deep breath, controlling my horniness so I could last all night. I relished looking down at the large whore, seeing my cock move in and out of her mouth, hearing her quiet slurping and moaning. Mmmmmm I pulled her off my dick and urged her to turn around. I pulled up her skirt, down her panties and easily entered her from behind. For several goes, this bitch took years of sexual frustration. Her curvy body and rough sexual appetite was exactly what I needed and I gave it to her harder than any woman before. I pushed her into every position imaginable and fucked her in every room of the house. I pulled her long dark hair and called her horrible names and she loved every moment of it.