1. animal

    Date: 9/7/2016, Categories: Erotic Poems, Author: nightwolverine, Rating: 4, Source: LushStories

    As I walk toward you, trying to keep my inner animal under control. The closer I get to you, the harder it is to keep him restrained. I look into your eyes, and he breaks his leash wanting to play with you. I push you to the wall, devouring your lips with mine, hard and deep. Dragging my fingers down your side, needing your clothes off so I can feel you skin against mine. I rip open your blouse, watching your eyes widen and your pulse quicken as I rip my shirt and toss it away. I drag my fingers up your front, grabbing and caressing your breasts firmly as I rub myself against you. Feeling your heat as I look in your eyes, I show you my animal, the lust and hunger that I have for you. Sliding my hands from your breasts, reaching down I rip your thong off and slide my hands to your ass. Pinning you up against the wall, I slide my hot, long shaft deep inside your wet pussy. I hear your gasps from my deep thrust, making us one with every deep stroke of my cock inside you. Wanting you more, I start pounding your pussy harder and faster as you moan " Oh my god baby, I'm going to cum!" Needing your orgasm, I ram my shaft deeper as I look into your eyes " God baby, I'm going to cum too!" We cum together, our fluids mixing as one deep inside of you. We pant together, catching our breaths and kissing I whisper " Hi, baby."